About Us

    We are located in the Kalahari of the Northwest Province. Our concessions give us access to 160,000 acres of prime hunting in malaria free zones.  We make sure you have the best opportunity to make a great shot. The goal is to let every one that books a hunt have an adventure of a lifetime. It is not only about the harvesting of the animal. Our attention to detail ensures you have a wonderful experience and quality photos to showcase your experience.  We encourage men, women, and children to hunt as families. Don't hesitate to ask for accommodations to customize your adventure!

Louis Loots Owner/Outfitter

  I grew up on the banks of the  Limpopo River and hunted my first impala on foot with a .22 rifle. By the time I was 16 I harvested 85 Impalas. From that point I knew my destiny would be outdoors with endless adventures. 

Phone +27, 84-495-4522

Hanelie 084-523-8547

Dawid Loots Professional Hunter


Dawid grew up driving the hunting trucks from a very young age. He started devloping his judgement for calling shots and classifing trophies before he was thirteen. Dawid performed all his tests to become a professional hunter at the age of 19. At the age of 21 he became a professional hunter. His judgment for trophies and calling shots is what allows you to fufill your dream adventure.  

About Us

Bob Boswell USA Partner

Bob began Hunting with Louis Loots and loved it so much became partner. Lives in Texas and is ready to help.

Cell 361-215-7020

Email  boswellrob42@yahoo.com