Booking A Hunt

First contact a member from the sales team. They will cover available dates animals desired, accomodations, and much more. Some hunts will require more notice. Black powder requires 90 days notice. Archery also requires advanced notice. 

Bob Boswell 361-215-7020

Louis or Hannelie loots 0845238547


Showcasing your trophy is one of the most important decisions. We offer multiple service for your needs. We can preserve your animal for your prefered state side taxidermist. We recommend that you use our prefered taxidermist. He specializes in African game. This should be considered when choosing. Most taxidermist states side specalize in North American Game and can do African game. We strongly suggest an African Game specialist. 

Daily Rates

​Daily rates include the following:​  All transportation from and to the airport. All transportation in a region of 30 miles around the Lodge facility. (excludes all trips to Kruger National Park and special request animals).Laundry completed daily. Three Meals a day, bottled water, and soft drinks will be supplied during hunting trips. ​Skinning and all preparations with transportation to the taxidermist in South Africa. 

Price per day: 1 Hunter 1 PH $400

2 Hunter 1 PH $280

Observer $220

Firearms & shooting accesories

You can bring your own firearms and we will assist you in all necessary paperwork.(Invitation letter, SAP 520, 4457 forms) We also provide firearms upon request. 

270 wsm  7mm mag  300 win mag  338 mag  375 h&h  416 rigby  

* $20 per day with your ammo

Binocolors, rangefnders and shooting sticks provided free of charge.

Flying from the United States

Ask your sales representative for tips to simplify your travel arrangements. Some countries have easier policies for firearms during layovers. Some airlines have direct flights allowing you more time in the country and less in the air.

Paying for the Hunt

We use square invoicing for payment. It is a secured site that allows you to safely make your deposit and payments. Other arrangements can be made on a case by case basis. Once your deposit has been recieved and cleared with your financial institution the hunt is considered locked in. 


We use  220 for electricity. Most electronics require 110.  We do keep some converters available for your convience. To ensure compatability you should bring the recomended converter by manufactuer.


Wifi is available to make calls through facebook,whatsapp, and other personal use.or business 


May through September 32 degrees fahrenheit to 70 degrees fahrenheit. 

October through the end of April 50 degrees fahrenheit to 105 degrees fahrenheit.

Hunting Cloths Recomended

Tan or green shorts or pants. Ankle Gaiters for protection of ankels against stickers, thornes and other random irritants. Good hiking boots with ankle support. Socks that wic away moisture. Hat for sun protection and polarized sun glasses. 


Contracts are provided before the hunt is booked to ensure a clear expectation of services provided. This allows both parties to ensure the adventure meets your expectations. If you don't have yours before paying the deposit notify us immediatly.

Traveling with a minor

Must have original or certified copy of birth certifcate with passport to enter South Africa. The airlines will not let you board the plane without.